Easy free group decisions with Decido

Quickly poll your team mates to make a transparent decision

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How does it work?

Step 1: Write down a sentence explaining the decision you need to make

Step 2: Write down what the options are. Aim for between 3 and 12

Step 3: Invite your team members with a link and vote using the dot voting technique

Step 4: See how everyone in your team prioritizes the options

Use is subject to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

Decido is a fantastic tool for making smart, collaborative choices. It's especially valuable if you're working with remote teams.

Jeff from Resolver.co.uk

I was overthinking when choosing the name for my business, Decido helped me understand what appealed to my audience and I'm very happy with the decision

Evi from styleboost.co.uk

Okay, tell me more. Why should I use your tool?

How can Decido help my team be better at problem solving?

Developing your team's problem solving skills is a priority when creating an effective team.

Decido is an online voting app which makes decision making anonymous. As a result you gain robust decisions, noone feels they have to follow the boss, and you empower your team to be more involved and accountable.

What decision making technique does Decido use?

Decido uses 'dot voting', which is widely adopted by professional facilitators and is part of the 'Sprint' process promoted by 'Google Ventures'.

It makes decision making more effective by avoiding lengthy discussions, asking everyone to share their preferred options by distributing dots on them.

How does Decido help with Groupthink?

Groupthink is a powerful human bias which stops us from making rational decisions by reducing our critical thinking ability. It comes into play whenever we see what other people are thinking. Subconsciously we start thinking the same as the rest of the team, so we can sustain our sense of belonging to the group.

You can completely avoid groupthink with Decido: you only see what other people have voted after you've submitted your own vote.

How can I involve my remote team in decision making?

Remote teams can struggle with decision making. Dot voting for example is traditionally done with the whole team in the same room.

Decido allows you to do the vote online, wherever your team members are and at different times. Team members who may have felt disconnected before will know that now their voices are heard.

Use is subject to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.
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