Neonce quick start guide

Neonce is an application designed to help teams come together and generate great ideas.

Our process is carefully designed to get both the best and the most popular ideas from any group of people, and is backed by psychological research.

We've made it to be as simple to use as possible - but we're still working on it. You could help make it even better. If you have any comments at all, please get in touch.

What is it and how does it work?

Neonce works by inviting people to work on a particular problem or question together in a workshop. Each workshop can have any number of participants, and can be adjusted to any length.

You add and share ideas on the board, a flexible, open work space which also has tools to help you come up with creative solutions.

This is what a Neonce board looks like:

Neonce board

Workshops and phases

A Neonce workshop is divided into three phases.

Each step is timed - don't worry, the software will tell you when it's time to move on to the next stage.

1) Creation: you start by adding ideas individually (without sharing). When everyone is satisfied with what they have added, or when the allotted time is up, you select three ideas to be shared with other group members.

2) Elevation: all the ideas shared are pooled and shown to the whole group. You can generate new ideas inspired by everybody else's. At the end of this phase, everyone again selects their favourite three ideas from shared and/or newly generated ideas.

3) Selection: everyone selects and votes on the best ideas. Then the results are shown to the whole group.

How do you get started?

One person on your team sets up a workshop by outlining a problem question and inviting participants via email. You can add as little or as much detail as you like.

Neonce setup dialog

As a participant, click on the link in the email to add yourself to the workshop. You will need to sign up if you haven't already. (Don't worry, your email won't be used for anything else at all.)

The workshop is usually set to start at a particular time, although you can start adding ideas straightaway.

Adding ideas

Just click on a free space on the board to add an idea card. You can edit what you've written by clicking on the card again.

Idea card screenshot

If you need to add more detail, click on the little plus sign on the right hand side of each card. Add what you need and press save when you're done.

You can change the colour of each card and move them anywhere you want. (We're working on some other ideas for using colour).

Sharing ideas

On the right hand side of the board is a tab that says 'Share'. Click on it to open and then drag cards from the board to an empty slot on the shared tab.

Share tab

If you change your mind or want to make an edit, you can drag cards back onto the board.

When you are happy with the ideas you want to share with the group, press the 'Share' button on the tab. When everybody in the workshop has shared, Neonce moves on to the 'Elevation' phase.

Elevating ideas

All the communally shared ideas are now in a tab on the left hand side of the screen. Drag the ones you feel are good (or worth developing) onto the board.

Now you can get really creative. Use other people's ideas to generate new ones. You can collate and make hybrid ideas out of several cards.

When you have finished, again, click on the 'Promote' tab in the top right of the screen and move three idea cards into the slots for voting. As before, if you change your mind or want to make an edit, you can drag cards back onto the board.

When you have finished, press the 'Promote' button on the right hand tab, and wait for everybody to finish.

Selecting Ideas

In this phase, all the promoted cards will be available on the board. Once you've selected the three you feel are the best, click on the 'vote' tab in the top right. This works exactly like the previous tabs.

Each slot allocates a certain number of points; the top slot allocates more than the bottom. When you have finished, press the 'vote' button.


Finally, once everybody has voted, Neonce will display the results, showing all ideas that received a vote in order of popularity.

Thanks for using Neonce! Let us know what you use it for at