We love Neonce!
We love Neonce!

A better way to brainstorm

Neonce is a web application where you create great ideas, refine them with your team and select the best ones together.

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Time to think

All ideas are created privately. You actively promote a selection to share with your team.

Someone thinking of ideas alone

No loud voices

Ideas are added anonymously, so you judge your team’s ideas on quality rather than charisma.

Everyone getting their heads together

Clear structure

There are three phases: create, elevate and select. Each has a time limit and a clear purpose.

As simple as 1,2,3

Select the best

Finish the workshop knowing which ideas are the most popular, a clear starting point for taking action.

Leaves you ready to start your to-do list

Unlimited inspiration

Get more great ideas by using our specific innovation tools like random word association.

Use out random word generation tools

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